"You will never be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger"


 Anger is a natural human emotion, to get angry is not negative it is how you respond to that anger that is important. -Demar Young

Expressing your ideas and needs clearly, effectively and respectfully. As well as listening attentively , to understand the needs of others.

"A mismatch between the demands in our lives and the resources we have to deal with those demands"
- George Anderson

Emotional Intelligence
 "Is a new concept, which is related to the ability to understand one's own feelings and behaviors. The capacity to sense the feelings and needs of others and utilize this information in a way that enhances interpersonal relationships."
-George Anderson 

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 Anger Management, Assertive Communication, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence


Adults, Juveniles, Children, Corporations &
Court Mandated Participants
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